How soon after the car accident should I get a lawyer?

You should contact a lawyer immediately after the car accident.  Many people wait for the insurance company to call them and sometimes people don’t have money to get treatment.

We find that insurance companies often intentionally delay calling because they know that the injured driver is waiting for them to make that initial phone call and while waiting, are not getting the medical attention the injured driver needs.  Let’s say you have 10 days without getting treatment because you’re waiting for the insurance company.

When you finally do get treatment, they will argue that if you were seriously hurt, you should have gone to the doctor immediately. These are tactics that insurance companies utilize to make sure they minimize what they have to pay you.

What if I have already given a statement to the other driver’s insurance company?

In that case, we ask for the transcript as soon as possible. We also contact the other person’s insurer to inquire whether a claim has been established by the other party and if it has what their position is as to liability.

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