How important is it that I hire an experienced law firm like yours?

It is extremely important the hire an experienced law firm.  Our goal is to fight for you. We don’t see your car accident case as a dollar sign – we are passionate about what we do. We are passionate about you, the client, recover as much as possible for your injuries and losses.

When a client comes to us, not only do they get free consultation, in some circumstances, we may help them with their property damage. That includes repairs to their damaged car or helping the client with a rental car. If vehicle is a write-off, we make sure they get a fair amount for the vehicle.

We understand the challenges that clients face when they have one vehicle and there are multiple individuals needing to use that vehicle. We feel it is very important that we assist the client in any way we can It is another way to show the client that we are here to help you and not just thinking about the fees and help you freely with the immediate challenges and hassles that you are facing you don’t have to carry that burden.  We want you to focus on getting well.

Once you are hired, the other parties and their insurance companies cannot talk directly to your client correct?

That is correct. What we tell them that they can no longer contact you directly. We are your representatives. Any questions or assistance they may need in regards to your claim must go through us.

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