Gathering Evidence to Prove Your Car Accident Case

How important it is to gather evidence to prove your car accident case while it is fresh?

When it comes to evidence at the scene of an auto accident, the sooner we can investigate the case, the better. Skid marks fade, surveillance cameras and 911 tapes get deleted, etc.

We pride ourselves with being very much in tune with all the technology that is available to us. In fact, we created our own app so that it can be very easy to gather that information and have it immediately at hand, as opposed to waiting until it is made available to the parties.

Through the course of your evidence gathering, do you send car accident experts to review the evidence that is still there at the scene of the accident?

Yes.  There are certain circumstances where that would be necessary when there is a thorough report that helps us determine whether we will need to send an investigator to take pictures, videos and notes.  In today’s world of cameras and smartphones, a  lot of our clients already have helpful pictures, making it easy for our investigators to gather that information immediately.

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