What Should I Do If I’m In An Accident?

After a car accident or other personal injury, it's important to take action in the moments that follow to prepare a strong claim & get you the best possible results.

With a few simple steps, you can set yourself up to get the most for your insurance claim.

When accidents happen, most of the time we dust ourselves off and go on with life. But sometimes an accident takes place that damages you, or your possessions. When that happens, there is a chance that your injury will entitle you to a financial settlement, depending upon the exact circumstances. Every case is different, so every case is worth a different amount of money based on the evidence at hand.

Since smartphones have become so popular, cameras are now readily available, and can be used to capture the moments following an accident on film. That film evidence can make a tremendous difference in the strength of the claim in general, and in determining your final settlement. But because it’s evidence that you’re collecting, it’s very important not to move the vehicles or surroundings of an accident scene until after your photographs have been taken. If you put the cart before the horse in those crucial few minutes, it will invalidate them and you’ll have a harder time telling your story. Remember that you’re building a factual account of what’s happened to you.

Insurers, lawyers, and judges all put great credence in police reports, and if officers respond to your incident, you should, too. Make your situation clear to them, get their names, as well as the number of the report. Some reports are stronger than others, but in general a favorably worded police report is extremely useful to your cause.

Eyewitnesses who are willing to offer their view of events, (either in person, or on film,) are possibly the most valuable evidence you can have, so if anyone saw what happened, ask for their contact information and/or record their statement.

Medical care for your accident is also looked at as corroborating evidence; it’s not just good for your health to go through treatment, it also strengthens your claim if there is a record of your injuries & recovery.

But the most important step in getting the most for your claim is to contact your lawyer with the details of your case as soon as possible. Insurance is a multibillion dollar business, and insurance providers make their fortunes by carefully calculating what the smallest amount they can pay for a given claim. Without the help of an Attorney, you’ll have little recourse when you and they disagree about how much your claim is worth.

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