What is nerve damage?

Nerve damage is a blanket term for a variety of ailments resulting from an improperly operating nervous system. Loss of sensation or mobility throughout the body, blindness, continuous pain and other, stranger maladies result when nerve fibers or pathways are damaged. Because the whole system is interconnected, damage in one part of the body may affect the way other body parts function. Because these connections aren’t understood by casual observation, a person suffering from nerve damage can be easily frustrated at their lack of control or sense in seemingly random places throughout their body. Pain, itching, tingling, tickling, numbness and other false sensation is common as the pathways try to send information up to the brain and it’s disrupted along the way.

Nerve damage can result from cancer, disease, chemotherapy, drug abuse, swelling and inflammation, or old fashioned physical trauma. The body’s nervous system is delicate, and slow to heal- especially the spinal cord and brain, where all the (functioning) nerve paths throughout the body lead to.

Nerve damage and its complications can last a very long time, and without dedication to physical therapy and recovery it is often permanent. Partial recovery may be all that is possible, depending upon the circumstances and severity of the damage.

That being said, medical technology is making new breakthroughs all the time, and there are rare cases of extraordinary healing. The main factor that these cases share in common is that the patient stays positive, and does not give up on their recovery.

If you or a loved one has nerve damage, it most likely is causing a great deal of suffering and discomfort. And if this damage was caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s important to find legal representation that understands your situation, and has a team of experts that can estimate how the damage will change with time, so when your case is settled you are compensated fairly- Not only for the pain between the accident and the settlement, but the pain that will be endured in the future.

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