Emmitt Smith speaks at Montoya Boxing Gym, sponsored by The Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group


Last week, our friends at Montoya Boxing Gym hosted an intimate speaking engagement with former Dallas Cowboy and three-time-Super Bowl Champion Emmitt Smith. Around 30 children (and as many grown-up fans, including personal injury lawyers Avo Marzwanian and Jessica Sepulveda of The Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group,) heard Emmitt’s words of wisdom in person.

Personal injury lawyers Jessica Sepulveda and Avo Marzwanian of The Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group were among Emmitt's fans that attended his public speaking engagement at Montoya Boxing Gym.

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He offered up advice good for anyone, from kids, to pro athletes, to lawyers. Number twenty-two encouraged a positive outlook, dedication, self-reliance, and to seize the opportunities that present themselves to us. As Emmitt says; “The truth is, you all have an opportunity to shape your own destiny.”

Getting to meet the very best in their field is always a pleasure, but the football field is one of the most visible in Texas. Many of the adult attendees grew up watching the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty rise to take its place as one of the most effective teAlmasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda in the history of football– and a few of the children were too young to know the name Emmitt Smith. As the line of children waiting for autographs shrank, you could watch the adults discreetly waiting to see which of them would be the first to join them in line- Emmitt had come to speak to the children, after all. Once there was one man over twenty years old in line, the rest rushed to join him. You could hear some from the crowd laugh as the line filled up with big kids.

After the motivational speech, signing autographs, and posing for pictures with the fans who had gathered for the chance to meet the Dallas hero, Emmitt gave the kids a short Q&A session with him.

A little boy punctuated the event perfectly by asking him, “What’s your favorite color?”

“My favorite color? It’s blue,” Emmitt grinned, to the crowd’s delight.


-Written by D.M. Eaton

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