Almasri, Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group

Our legal team provides efficient and compassionate legal representation and guidance while being highly effective at achieving case resolution that serves our clients’ best interests. We consider ourselves far more than just a law firm; rather, we see ourselves as advocates for clients’ rights, and for those who do not have the wealth and resources of large corporations and insurance companies. We see ourselves as a catalyst for change. We have worked thousands of cases, and are not afraid to take your case to trial. Our abilities in the courtroom have given us a strong reputation with judges, other law firms, and insurance companies.

News & Updates

Lisa’s surprise from the Partners of Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group

Recently our Office Manager, Lisa, reached her tenth year working with and for The Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group ...

ABA Conference’s Opening Plenary by The Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group’s Creative Director!

It’s a four hour flight from Dallas to Portland International Airport. 1630 miles away from home and family. Speaking to ...